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The Celestial Planisphere of King Yi Tai-Jo

The Celestial Planisphere of King Yi Tai-Jo

Personal interest and research into the practice of traditional Asian sciences encompassing the heavens and earth leads us to elaborate the first comprehensive, digital and scalable vector-map of the ancient Chinese and Korean celestial planispheres. The map is diligently reproduced from the original Korean Star Map of King Yi Tai-Jo, finished in the year 1395 A.D., as well as from still existing Chinese and Japanese equivalents. Pictured are a total of 283 constellations and 1464 stars, many of them has been identified by Knobel, E. B. "On a Chinese Planisphere"; Rufus, W. C., "The Celestial Planisphere of King Yi Tai-Jo" and more recently by Park, Changbom, "Analysis of the Star Map in Chon - Sang - Yol - Cha - Bun - Ya - Ji - Do" (Chonsang Yolcha Bunya-Ji-Do). In addition the work of Sun Xiaochun and Jacob Kistemaker, "The Chinese Sky during the Han" and the works on Celestial Cartography by F. Richard Stephenson has been extensively consulted for this facsimile digital reproduction. A complete reference of all identified stars and additional bibliographical information are included.

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